Blacks Business Brokers are handling the sale of a selection of established Bargain Booze stores - the retail off licence chain. The outlets are located throughout the UK. These stores represent a great opportunity to take part in a retail success story. Deliveries from the central distribution in Crewe mean that there is no need for trips to the cash and carry. Meanwhile, aggressive in-store marketing is carried out on your behalf.

Please see below for a breakdown of the individual franchise types.

A mainly volume-sales led business containing hundreds of discounted lines across all alcohol categories offering the consumer deals on beers, wines, spirits, RTDs etc. Multi-buys and full case beer deals are utilised to drive-up the weight of the average consumer purchase.

Large percentages of the available floor space are allocated to stacks of beer and wine... stack it high; sell it cheaply (and sell lots of it!)

External presentation is as important as internal. The store's overall look ensures that customers understand the concept via the powerful marketing package.


Bargain Booze Select Convenience is powered by the proven 'destination booze' Bargain Booze licensed offering, but Bargain Booze Select Convenience also provides the consumer with a full convenience offering that is simply second to none within the marketplace. This is not just 'distress' convenience shopping. At Bargain Booze Select Convenience the consumer can fill a full weekly shopping basket, choosing from a selection that, whilst not 'over ranged', can provide exactly what he or she needs to buy.

Bargain Booze Plus is a destination booze off-license, but with additional small convenience range or supporting trade e.g. newsagent, post office.

The same powerful and proven licensed product offering that is available in Bargain Booze stores also drives the Bargain Booze Plus fascia. In Fact, a Bargain Booze Plus store is effectively a large Bargain Booze that has the square footage to be able to offer the consumer more... maybe not a full-blown convenience store, but something close to it.

Bargain Booze Plus stores can offer the customer a place not only to do his or her weekly booze shop, but also get essentials such as bread, milk, cornflakes, some meal solutions, along with the some of the most aggressive grocery and impulse deals in the market.


Thorougoods are promotion-driven CTN stores with a powerful and modern presentation.

Footfall in Thorougoods stores is also driven by a strong licensed package, although the product is not as heavily discounted as within a Bargain Booze store. The emphasis is more on improved percentage margin and the alcohol offering concentrates more upon smaller volume convenience purchase multibuy deals rather than the full case offers that drive Bargain Booze.

Grocery, convenience and newsagency offerings all typically add to the mix of business within Thorougoods stores to enhance the overall margin.

Stores are generally smaller than other fascias within the Bargain Booze Ltd franchise group, although larger stores can be accommodated.

Thoroughgoods Select Convenience

A combination of the Thorougoods alcohol offering, (string emphasis on multibuy-deals complemented by some strong case deals), and the established convenience offering of Select Convenience.

These sites are well suited to village locations, or locations where the alcohol prices do not need to be as deep cut as Bargain Booze (forecourt sites for example), therefore enhancing the retailer's top line margin.

As with Bargain Booze Select Convenience both the external and internal specification is professional, modern and bright and finished to the highest standards.