We often get asked by potential clients, "how will you sell my online business?" Well, we believe this recent completion proves an excellent example!

Our client came to us looking to sell Big Bears Toy Box in 2019. The business was originally set up for a hands-on owner-operator working from home. As the business grew, it became too much for a single owner-operator. 

The Blacks Business Brokers sales team were extremely confident that they could find several interested parties for this business. Our main goal was to find a prospect who could take this business to the next level, developing the strong foundations our client had built.

Once we had confirmed the listing details with our client, we took this business to the market. Finding the right buyer for an online business can be a challenge for some brokers, but not Blacks! 

We are premium and platinum members of BusinessesForSale.com and DaltonsBusiness.com, this allows us to put your business at the top of search pages. We find that this is a great method for finding a buyer as these websites are the biggest in the UK for business listings!

We also pushed this business on social media using forward-thinking marketing techniques, targeting manufacturers, competitors and long-time customers with adverts. Hoping they would have an interest in this business.

It is important to remember that the market for online retailers is different from physical storefronts. An online business cannot have a 'For Sale' board outside the premises because they do not exist! Therefore, we use multimedia platforms as an online "For Sale" board. 

The buyer was someone who had seen this business on external listing websites and contacted us directly, proving our approach worked. Upon their recorded interest, we took this information to our client. 

Once both parties had passed the relevant checks we could move forward with the sale of this business! The buyer was thrilled to take on Big Bears Toy Box, even buying our clients stock! We wish them all the best with their future and hope that our client is happy with the Blacks Business Brokers service. 

If you would like to buy or sell your business with Blacks Business Brokers then you can contact us here! We look forward to hearing from you!